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No minimum buy??

Thats right!. I do not believe in enforcing a minimum buy, you are welcome to buy a single 1x1 tile if you wish, or my entire inventory. its up to you!

I only suggest you keep in mind that the minimum postage is a large letter which can hold up to the same volume as a DVD case. So if you do only need one tile, but have had your eye on that R2D2 minifig, to buy in the same order wont cost you any additional postage.



Part quality and storage.

All parts are brand new direct from lego or local sources. They are only handled to be unboxed sorted and stored, then ultimately picked for your orders. Parts are stored in a clean environment where there is no natural light, meaning no discolouration over time. While select few parts may have minor marks on them, this is only due to LEGO Manufacturing and shipping methods.




All minifigs are stored in individual bags un-assembled. If you're buying new minifigs, you should be the first one to assemble them!.
Accessories: Due to how inventory is managed, accessories are sold separately unless included in the description or picture of the minifig. Capes are mostly kept in original packaging, however at times Lego packs two in one box which then need to be separated during sorting.

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